Is Trapping a Iowa Bat in a Cage the Best Way to Handle It?

Iowa bats can prove to be a nuisance to an abode they have infested. Though trapping them might look like a viable solution, it is not an advisable action. It is inhumane and possibly illegal to trap bats in a cage, depending with your state. Before you consider trapping bats in a cage, remember the following:

Bats are mammals just like us Des Moines folk

The have instincts just like humans. By trapping a bat, you might be separating a nursing mother from its pups. They can starve or get dehydrated to death in a cage. When left outside they might get exhausted to death or get a heat stroke.

Iowa bats cannot be relocated like other animals

If relocated to nearby bushes, they are able to fly back at once. Even when relocated hundreds of miles away, they have been noted to find their way back home. It is best to use other means to keep them from your property.

Des Moines bat trapping is illegal

Depending on the bat species, your state laws and the season, you might fall on the wrong side of the law by trapping Iowa bats. It is important to liaise with professional wildlife removers to assist with bat handling. They may enlighten you on the best practices for handling bats in your state and save you from breaking the law.

It just doesn't work

You might have seen traps effectively managing to solve other pest issues e.g. trapping Des Moines mice but in this case, it won't work. There are a many techniques that have been successful in handling a bat menace but no one has ever succeeded using traps. Exclusion is the best shot at succeeding. Consider the following if exclusion doesn't work.

  • Use scare tactics
  • Remove the agents that attract bats
  • Install a barrier

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